Buying Service

We are offering a purchasing service for anyone wanting to bring items over from Japan! This includes any supplier for an item or items you wish to purchase in Japan, we also provide a bidding service on yahoo japan where you can find almost any part! please email us at with a link to your item, as well as your first and last name.

We are not sourcing parts at this time! Please source yourself and send a link in your inquiry email, or you can bid yourself and we can provide an address to ship to, where it will then be loaded onto the container for you. 

We have containers arriving every few months via ocean freight shipping and pickup in Victoria BC

Payments on auctions are due immediately after the auction has been won, you will be responsible for domestic shipping within Japan, shipping fee on the container for your item as well as a 20% auction fee on your item.

We are not responsible if the sellers description does not perfectly match the condition of the item, although this does not occur very often at all it can happen. So please inspect the photos on listing carefully!

Prices for container shipping on items follow *All prices are in CAD*

Any items you wish to ship that are not on the list please let us know and we will give you a quote!

Wheel Pair Small (13-15) $125
Wheel Set Small (13-15) $200
Wheel Pair Big (16-19) $150
Wheel Set Big (16-19) $250
Seat - Fixed back bucket $200
Seat - Recliner $225
Seat - Stock seat $250
Dash $250
Steering Wheel $50
Front Bumper $300
Fender $250
Front Lip/Rear Lip $200
Hood $400
Door $300
Trunk Lid $300
Rear Bumper $300
Wing $150
Side skirts $250
Windshield $300
Coilover Set $200
Engine Bits (Up to intake manifold size) $150
Exhaust manifold $125
Axle-back exhaust $200
Cat-back exhaust $250
Scooter $400